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9 Feb 2006 Re: [misskate_28] Wedding hall Decorating Ideas - Rustic, vintage, woodland [In reply to]. Since you didn't mention what your theme is,

13 May 2007 Fortunately there are many wedding reception decorating ideas nice if it is an evening wedding and the reception hall is dimly lit.

Decorating a Hall for a Wedding . I'm looking for a cheap way to decorate my hall and tables. Does anyone have any ideas for decorations and a center peice

Decorating and setting up the Hall - Wedding for 125 their decor , to get ideas . Check on the bar area available, is there space for glasses, ice etc.

3 Mar 2009 Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas . From LoveToKnow Weddings If you've rented out a big catering hall , you'll probably want something a

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