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Enter your email to signup for the Cooks.com Recipe Newsletter. OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES : Pour 1/2 cup oil over 2 cups oatmeal and let set in

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with walnuts or pecans. A chocolate chip cookie recipe with oatmeal and walnuts or pecans and chocolate chips .

3 Aug 2006 I was just about to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and wanted a recipe ! I thought about using the one under the lid of the quaker

If you're looking for the quintessential oatmeal chocolate - chip cookie , I've been looking for a good oatmeal cc cookie recipe for SO long.

I modified Beatrice's Excellent Oatmeal cookies very slightly. I came up with something that my boyfriend went CRAZY over! I've never seen him enjoy cookies

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