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Traditional clean, humor for kids that have been around for years. Unknown, Silly , Crazy, Bizzare Untraditional. ---January Is? Knock Knock jokes use pun sound-alike words or phrases as their punch line based primarily on

Knock Knock jokes for kids from kids . Knock Knock Who's there? Cargo Cargo who?? Cargo Beep Beep! from a Kids ' Exhange Chatter. Knock Knock Who's there?

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Kids Jokes > Kids Knock Knock Jokes . We are always in the process of updating our Knock Knock Jokes . If you have one or more that you especially like and

Knock Knock jokes for kids . Silly States · Silly Rhymes · Wackyfish! Xmas Story · Xmas Saved. 170 Knock Knock Jokes ! (Put your mouse over "Who's there?

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